Lady on her mobile phone in a rural location

Policy options for accelerating rural broadband in emerging markets

Governments around the world have emphasised the importance of rural broadband for developing their economies and connecting societies. Vodafone has commissioned a report by Webb Henderson assessing the options available to governments in emerging markets to accelerate broadband coverage in underserved areas as part of their national broadband plans.

'Report on oligopoly analysis and regulation'

31 July 2015

Vodafone submits its response to BEREC's draft 'Report on oligopoly analysis and regulation'. This is an important and timely consultation considering the envisaged review of the communications regulatory framework as part of the Digital Single Market strategy presented by the European Commission in May 2015.

Vodafone Ireland and ESB unveil SIRO as Ireland's first 100% FTTB broadband network

SIRO, the new brand of ESB and Vodafone's fibre broadband joint venture company, has been unveiled. SIRO is investing €450 million in building Ireland's first 100% fibre-to-the-building (FTTB) network.

Vodafone welcomes Europe's new Digital Single Market strategy

6 May 2015

Vodafone has welcomed the Digital Single Market strategy announced today by the European Commission.

Vodafone said: "We welcome the Commission's prioritisation of stimulating private investment in the next-generation mobile and fixed networks Europe needs to underpin its digital economy. In particular, the ambition to change fundamentally the fragmented way that spectrum – the oxygen of Europe's mobile networks – is managed and regulated across Europe will encourage investment by providing investors with more certainty. We also commend the Commission for its commitment to ensure fair competition and a level playing field for all companies providing services in the digital ecosystem."

Vodafone and Europe: Investing for the future

26 February 2015

Vodafone has published a report analysing the company’s economic impact across the 12 EU countries in which it operates. Developed with KPMG, Vodafone and Europe: Investing for the future reports that Vodafone contributed €23.7 billion to EU economic growth in 2013/14.