Deliver great results

At Vodafone, you own your own career development. The company provides you with the tools and opportunities to thrive.

It starts with your induction, when you are exposed to The Vodafone Way behavior traits, the company culture and the basics of the telecommunications industry.

Every year, starting with our Senior Leadership Team, all 100,000 of our employees have a Personal Development review. Taking place across the space of five weeks, these set key objectives for the financial year ahead, which are then reviewed throughout the year in regular one to one sessions.

Vodafone is a fast paced organisation that expects delivery of great results by individuals, teams and business units for our customers, colleagues and shareholders.


Live the Vodafone Way

Developed personally by Vittorio Colao, our CEO, over five years ago, these are the values we use to operate. Over the last four years, our directors have spent three to four days a year meeting in groups to work together and understand what this means for them as leaders. The Vodafone way aims to achieve:

  • Our customers to feel admiration
  • Our customers to see that we are:
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Customer obsessed

We are passionate about exceeding customer expectations. We work relentlessly to really understand the customer. We look at decisions through the customer’s eyes. We take personal accountability for the customer experience

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Innovation hungry

We create and deliver new products, services and ways of working that delight our customers. We take risks and push what is possible. We look for improvement all the time. We do things in better ways.

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Ambitious & competitive

We bring energy and passion to our work and always aim to beat the competition. We deliver best in class. We review our own performance and then improve it. Be lean and cost effective every time.

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One company, local roots

We work across Vodafone to achieve the best outcome for customers, employees and stakeholders. Value our differences and act inclusively; make the best decision for Vodafone, not just for one part of the business; communicate and use best practice.

To achieve this, we need to operate with speed, simplicity and trust.

We drive speed to market. We relentlessly priorities and pursue the outcomes that matter to our business.

  • Make RAPID business decisions
  • Deliver with urgency
  • Analyse fast, execute faster

Drive to keep growing

Vodafone is growing from a mobile only player to a scale data company investing into 3G, 4G and fixed broadband, as well as television services. Our people need to adapt and grow to move with this shift, and to be successful at Vodafone, you’ll need the drive to keep growing, whatever your role.

Continuous learning at Vodafone is based on the 70-20-10 rule. Research shows that most people acquire 70% of their skills through “on the job” experience, new challenges, project work and meaningful assignments. You will gain 20% of your learning through working with exceptional people, and support from your teams. The final 10% comes from Vodafone’s award winning academies, made up of online tools and development programmes.



Always doing what's right

Integrity drives our actions. We all know that being an admired company is not just about our performance and achievements; it’s also about acting in an ethical and responsible way. We set out what this means in our code of conduct

Vodafone’s Absolute Rules, which have been developed to focus attention on common causes of fatalities and serious injury. We expect all our staff to take safety seriously and act as role models.

Our ambition is to contribute to sustainable living by delivering connectivity and innovative services to our customers.



Our exceptional people

We pride ourselves on creating a diverse and inclusive working environment for our people and for our customers.

  • Elisa
  • Khalifa
  • Sandra and Mark
  • Asli
  • Amit
  • Jason
  • Solace, Yvonne and Michelle
  • Boniface
How many people do you think are trained in our global training academies every year?

We train 39,000 people in our global training academies every year. 

Our academies cover a range of functions including marketing, technology and finance. They provide targeted training and development to build skills and gain qualifications in these specialist areas.

In 2016, we are set to introduce a Customer Experience Academy to help transform our customer service.


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