Ordinary shareholder FAQs

Who are your Registrars and what do they do?

Vodafone has appointed Computershare Investor Services PLC as its Registrars. The Registrars manage Vodafone’s share register on its behalf. They are responsible for ensuring the shareholder details are recorded accurately.

How do I contact your Registrars?

For shareholder enquiries such as changing your name, address, dividend payments and shareholder certificates, please contact our Registrars by writing to:

Computershare Investor Services PLC
The Pavilions
Bridgwater Road
BS99 6ZZ

Tel: +44 (0) 870 702 0198

Holders of ordinary shares resident in Ireland:

Computershare Investor Services (Ireland) Limited
PO Box 9742
Dublin 18, Ireland

Tel: 0818 300 999

How do I buy and sell shares?

You can buy and sell Vodafone ordinary shares through a financial adviser or stockbroker, bank or building society or ‘share shops’ that offer a similar service. The commission charges for buying and selling shares vary between the different organisations.