Mobiles, masts and health – Performance in 2013/14

Vodafone’s reputation for acting responsibly in relation to mobiles, masts and health remains strong, as confirmed by our annual survey of opinion leaders.

Since we began this survey in 2008, we have consistently remained ahead of competitors in this area (see Data for year-on-year survey results).

In 2013/14, we shifted the geographical scope of our survey to monitor opinion outside Europe, where the issue of mobiles, masts and health is managed well across the industry so stakeholders tend not to differentiate individual companies’ approaches. Instead, we focused on our markets in Africa, the Middle East and Asia Pacific, where we are working to promote engagement between mobile operators and stakeholders on this issue. The findings of the survey will help us understand where we can most effectively concentrate our efforts.

The survey, conducted by an external agency, involved interviews with more than 70 key stakeholders and opinion leaders in Africa, the Middle East and Asia–Pacific, including national politicians, local authority decision makers, health bodies, government departments, media representatives, NGOs, academics, industry associations, and handset or technology suppliers.

Of these, 81% consider that Vodafone takes its responsibilities on mobiles, masts and health ‘very’ or ‘fairly’ seriously. We recognise that there is still more work to be done to engage and educate key stakeholders in these markets and we believe that Vodafone has an important role to play in sharing our global experience in these markets.