Transformational solutions

Vodafone’s products and services can help to transform people’s lives and contribute to global sustainable development goals. Find out about the areas we’re focusing on where we can make the biggest difference

Transformational solutions

Vodafone’s products and services can contribute to sustainable living and help improve people’s livelihoods and quality of life. Over 70% of our customers live in emerging markets, where simply expanding the coverage of our networks and building our customer base is extending the socio-economic benefits that come with access to communications.

Communications technology is already a vital tool in people’s lives and is helping to transform large parts of the world. It is also contributing to global trends, such as first-time access to the internet for people in emerging markets and the ability to connect not just people but objects, such as machinery and vehicles, via the ‘internet of things’. Researching and developing opportunities that can contribute to sustainable living through our technology remains at the core of Our vision (see more on our Research).

We are working with customers and other partners to create commercially viable products and services that bring further benefits to societies and can be scaled up and rolled out in different markets. Our solutions are focused on seven key areas – finance, women, low carbon solutions, smart working, agriculture, health and education – and these help to strengthen our relationship with our key stakeholders, supporting our long-term business success.

Solutions in some areas are more developed than others. Our financial services, low carbon and smart working solutions are an established and growing part of the business. Other areas, such as health and education, require further development and we continue to build on the pilot programmes we are running in individual markets.

Follow the links below to find out about our progress.


By enabling access to financial services for people without bank accounts, our mobile payment service, M-Pesa, is contributing to economic development in emerging markets.


We are exploring the barriers that prevent women from using mobile technology and are developing services that can help women fulfil their potential.

Low carbon solutions

Our M2M business is helping enterprise customers to improve efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and cut costs by enabling them to monitor and manage their energy use.

Smart working

Our communications technology helps businesses boost productivity and cut costs and carbon emissions, enabling people to work flexibly, and can improve working lives and livelihoods by connecting workers and organisations.


Specialised mobile services can help to boost farmers’ livelihoods, increasing food production and reducing food waste by improving efficiency throughout the agricultural supply chain.


Communications technology can transform healthcare, whether through enabling patients to monitor conditions at home or helping healthcare workers spend more time with patients by reducing time spent on administration.


Increasing access to education using mobile technology can contribute to economic development in emerging markets by enabling interactive learning even in remote areas.